Uniform Gallery/Runway Show

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Past Perfect: UNIFORM fashion & gallery show.
Saturday, 11/2
7 pm opening, 9 pm runway show
Dance Party immediately following with Deejays Damon Locks, Wayne Montana, & Major Taylor

Location: Marshall Brown Projects
3621 South State St., Ground Floor, Chicago IL 60609
1 block south of Red Line 35th/Bronzeville/IIT station

For this show fashion designer Jamie Hayes collaborated with 28 different participants to design a uniform or uniform-inspired piece.

The gallery show will feature essays written by each participant, and photos and artwork of each participate created by Alix Lambert and Damon Locks.

For the runway show, participants will model their uniforms, and Kim Soss will emcee.

Uniforms have a rich history to be mined. They are built to work and built to last, and often quite beautiful. Uniforms can be used to classify, identify, segregate, or control people. Uniforms can create hierarchies but conversely, can also erase individuality and difference. Creating personal/customized uniforms taps into the long tradition of artists and activists who have re-appropriated and subverted uniforms as institutional symbols of authority and conformity. The true subject at hand is the social meaning of clothing and fashion, and uniforms are the vehicle of exploration.

Guests are encouraged to wear a uniform (real, ideal, imaginary) to the show and to have their uniform documented by Damien Thompson.

Thank you to all the participants: Alix Lambert, Annemarie Strassel, Annie Reese, Aziza Mahmoud, Betty Eo, Damon Locks, Doug McCombs, Dyanna Charles, Eve Fineman, Heather Kenny, John Brearley, Julia Olsen Spataro, Kate Sheehy, Leslie Lockett, Marshall Brown, Maya Sidhu, Melina Ausikaitis, Paula Wilson, Rachel Caidor, Richard Warfield Smith, Rob Roy Mackinnon Campbell, Sarah Aulie, Terence Swafford, Tisha Tucker, Vanessa Reilly-Bates, and Wayne Montana.

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