Tisha Tucker


Past Perfect Essay
by Tisha Tucker

For almost every garment I own, I can tell you from what city I purchased it, how much I paid for it, and who I was with or what I was doing when I made the purchase. My mother recently reminded me that in junior high school I tracked my outfits on a white board, noting of every detail of my ensemble down to the earring choice and color of socks. I clearly devote a lot of attention to fashion.Strangely, I have no recollection of the origins of this piece. As a guess, it may have been purchased from a cheap store somewhere along Broadway Avenue in NYC during the best summer of my life.  Perhaps the details were lost in the magic of the summer.

It has many of my favorite elements in clothing – comfort, versatility, asymmetry, and the color red. It reminds me of some of my favorite places and times in life. It’s traveled to Puerto Rico, it’s been on some great dates, and best of all — it has sung with Chaka Khan.

It’s evolved over time. From long-sleeved and snug fitting to short-sleeved and sagging. The sleeves that I deliberately cut off have been worn with many other outfits, often slipping to my elbows since they weren’t designed for this purpose. In many ways this little piece reminds me of myself, simple yet stylish, functional yet funky. Ever changing. Ever evolving.

Bio Tisha Tucker loves the sound of the kora. She loves old people and old things. She really loves living in Brooklyn, New York. She wants to love politics and history but secretly she does not (though she does care about them a great deal). Oh, and she really loves playing with her adorable nephews who, sadly, live in Atlanta and not Brooklyn.

photo by Alix Lambert
drawing by Jamie Hayes
Tisha Tucker reference photo – sleeve inspiration
Tisha Tucker reference photo

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