Eve Fineman

The Style That Has Taken 37 Years to Emerge
by Eve Fineman

If Jackie O fell into a puddle that contained a reflection of PJ Harvey, the resultant collaged image might approximate my style, as it stands today. I’ve been highly influenced by 60′s fashion for most of my adult life, attracted to it for its clean lines, interesting textures and overall sleekness. However, the primness of the style has over the years begun to suit me a bit less, as I’ve grown and become more comfortable in my own skin, and so in walks PJ Harvey. While I could never rock her overly confident, sexy slut look completely, I do enjoy a little bit of “messiness”, in the form of higher/lower lines, asymmetry and exposed stitching.The stitching (both inside-out and contrasted color) also speaks to my background in architecture and my love of structure, skin and texture. Seeing the “bones” of a piece is very interesting to me, and is hopefully something that is brought out in the dress, along with the buttons, which relate to my experience as a furniture designer and my love of hardware. It’s all about the details, with the overall form remaining simple and classic.

photo by Alix Lambert
drawing by Jamie Hayes
reference photo


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