Dyanna Charles


by Dyanna Charles

I say uniforms are basically to establish and reinforce rules, rules of esteem and rules of interface.  There are signature universal characteristics for any particular category of uniform that immediately signify to the viewer what role the person wearing the uniform has, and how to interact with her.

Uniform: wedding dress

Signature Characteristics: long, white, elegant, formal

Role: bride

Rules of Interaction: celebrate, congratulate, advise, admire, praise (that’s right!)

Problem!  Acting sophisticated and being lovely are fine goals, but as day turned to night, it also seemed important to have fun, which meant jump, run, dance, flit about effortlessly, especially dance.  And that long, white, elegant, formal dress with its 100-layer skirt was HEAVY and it kept getting caught on my shoe.  Seriously heavy, like spending the evening in a strapless, floor-length, x-ray apron.  Enter here, Uniform.1.

Uniform.1: wedding RECEPTION dress

Signature Characteristics: short, white, kinetic, fun

Role: exhilarated bride

Rules of interaction: jump, run, dance, flit about effortlessly, hand over a signature cocktail

Bio Dyanna is an urban dweller from a not very urban town somewhere in east Tennessee.  She loves cooking, dancing, laughing, fireworks, roller coasters, and making Halloween costumes using a hot glue gun as her primary tool.  She also thinks a lot about learning how to play the banjo.


Photo by James Lundy, Artwork by Damon Locks

Pattern & Sewing by Jamie Hayes, Beadwork by Nick C.


Sketch by Jamie Hayes

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